The Autodidact Polymath

The Autodidact Polymath

Meet Me

Adebisi "Otunba" Johnson is a Digital product designer and Venture Analyst.

He helps people and brands reach their goals by designing & building user-centric digital products that deliver engaging product experiences from early concept to delightful and conversion-optimized designs.

He is a passionate professional with multi-faceted skills and experience spanning across UX design, business analysis, and technical writing.

He is an eloquent writer, speaker, and communicator with a keen interest in making open Source contributions and inspiring the next generation.

He is passionate about education, technical writing, and community building, and volunteer for a couple of tech organizations to that effect.

When he’s not designing or coding, you can find him exploring the venture capital landscape in emerging markets and analyzing companies and products that solve important challenges being faced in Africa.

Here are a few things about him

  • 💪 He is focusing on product design, venture capital, front-end web development, and technical writing.

  • 🏷 He is the founder of LearnVCwithMe, a platform that takes tech enthusiasts on a journey to uncover venture capital in emerging markets.

  • 💌 He is open to speaking engagements and talks centered around UI/UX design, venture capital, emerging markets, community building, and technical writing.

  • 👨Pronouns: He/Him

  • 🗣 Languages: English (Currently learning Spanish)

You can find him on

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